In March 2013, I started this blog to document my journey into poverty and back. Click here to read my story from the beginning. At the time, I was unclear as to what the journey out of poverty would look like for me or even if it would happen. It’s now 2018, I’m debt-free and living well within my means. Read my latest posts here.

If you’re looking for a ‘poor me’ or a rant about how terrible my life is, you’ve come to the wrong place. Instead, this blog will explore my observations, experiences and reflections on the choices I’ve made in my life.

Some topics I’ll explore are poverty, family, financial assistance, bankruptcy, divorce, fear, embarrassment, self-esteem, being a single parent, looking for work, theft, desperation, depression, health issues, stress, stereotypes and much more.

As I peel back the layers to become completely unraveled, I hope my trials and triumphs will inspire you to make better choices. Poverty can happen to anyone. On the outside, my daughter and I don’t look like income assistance recipients. But looks can be deceiving. And that’s what this blog is all about; my life becoming completely unravelled.


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