Who says money can’t buy happiness?

The person who said money can’t buy happiness has never lived below the poverty line. They’ve never worried about where their next meal is coming from or how they’re going to pay their rent or the bliss of collection agencies no longer eating up the minutes on their phone.

Image courtesy of cooldesign at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

For me, happiness is my bills being paid on time, a fridge full of food, saving a bit of money each month, going out with friends and not having to rely on them to buy my hot chocolate, not borrowing money from anyone and not being afraid to answer the phone from a service provider.

Rather than figuring out how to produce nutritious meals with the random donations from the food bank, I now have multiple dinner options based on my food preferences. Instead of searching every nook and cranny of the house for spare change, I now buy a monthly bus pass for my daughter. No more struggling to pay the rent now that I have a roommate.

I’m living on less money than many people I know, yet I’m happy with what I’ve got. Gone is the shame of not being able to provide for my family. Money can buy happiness. I can finally put my money towards enjoying rather than just surviving life.


One thought on “Who says money can’t buy happiness?

  1. Intersting opinion coming from your experience. You are right on everything that you have writen and I am very happy to hear that someone has learned to live with what is sufficient. That is the key to face the system of inequality that keeps telling is to win more and more money and never satiate.


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